Classes XI-XII Worksheets

Class XI

Permutation and Combinations Worksheet

Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics

English Assignment

Informatics Practices Worksheet 1

Informatics Practices Worksheet 2

Ch5 Emerging Modes of Business BST

Note Making English Worksheet

Class XI Computer Science Worksheet

Maths Ch 5 Worksheet

Maths Ch 6 Worksheet

Maths Ch 13 Worksheet

Economics Ch 4 Worksheet

English Worksheet

English Revision Worksheet

Business Studies Worksheet Ch -4

Economics Worksheet - Consumer Behaviour and Demand

Business Studies Worksheet

Maths Worksheet Trignometry

Maths Worksheet PMI

Class XII

Forms of Market and Price Determination

Balance of Payment and Foreign Exchange Rate

Tools for Financial Analysis

Determination of Income and Employment

Assignment- Rise of Popular Movement

Assignment - The Crisis of Democratic Order

History Assignment 10

History Assignment 11

History Assignment 12

History Assignment 13

History Assignment 14

History Assignment 15

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Statements of a Company

Differential Equations Worksheet

History Assignment 7

History Assignment 8

History Assignment 9

Accountancy Ch 8 Worksheet

Accountancy Ch 9 Worksheet

Contemporary South Asia

Challenges to Congress System

India's External Relations

Alternative Powers of Center

Accounts Worksheet Ch 8 Issue of Shares

Maths Worksheet Integrals and AOI

Economics Worksheet - COST

English Worksheet

Maths Worksheet

History Worksheet 5

History Worksheet 6