Classes XI-XII Worksheets

Class XI

Economics Assignment

Ch - 10 w.sheet straight lines Class XI

Ch - 11 w.sheet Conic Section Class XI

Ch - 12 w.sheet Introduction to 3D Class XI

Ch 9 Sequence and Series Maths Worksheet

Ch 8 Business Studies

English Assignment UT3

Supply and Producers Equilibrium

Economics Worksheet - COST

Binomial Theorem

Sources of Business Finance

Permutation and Combinations Worksheet

Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics

English Assignment

Informatics Practices Worksheet 1

Informatics Practices Worksheet 2

Ch5 Emerging Modes of Business BST

Note Making English Worksheet

Class XI Computer Science Worksheet

Maths Ch 5 Worksheet

Maths Ch 6 Worksheet

Maths Ch 13 Worksheet

Economics Ch 4 Worksheet

English Worksheet

English Revision Worksheet

Business Studies Worksheet Ch -4

Economics Worksheet - Consumer Behaviour and Demand

Business Studies Worksheet

Maths Worksheet Trignometry

Maths Worksheet PMI

Class XII

Assignment 8 - The Regional Aspirations

Assignment 9 - Recent developments in Indian Politics

Ch 5 Cash Flow Statement Accountancy

Ch 4 Accounting Ratios

Assignment 6 International Organization

Assignment 7 Security in World

Assignment 8 Environment and Natural Resources

Ch 10-11 Vectors and 3D

Forms of Market and Price Determination

Balance of Payment and Foreign Exchange Rate

Tools for Financial Analysis

Determination of Income and Employment

Assignment- Rise of Popular Movement

Assignment - The Crisis of Democratic Order

History Assignment 10

History Assignment 11

History Assignment 12

History Assignment 13

History Assignment 14

History Assignment 15

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Statements of a Company

Differential Equations Worksheet

History Assignment 7

History Assignment 8

History Assignment 9

Accountancy Ch 8 Worksheet

Accountancy Ch 9 Worksheet

Contemporary South Asia

Challenges to Congress System

India's External Relations

Alternative Powers of Center

Accounts Worksheet Ch 8 Issue of Shares

Maths Worksheet Integrals and AOI

Economics Worksheet - COST

English Worksheet

Maths Worksheet

History Worksheet 5

History Worksheet 6