Special Assembly Secondary

The students of VII C of Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Vasundhara organized a special assembly on “International Youth Day” on 21st August, 2018. The students put forward an inspiring and invoking presentation on the theme that circled around the Safe Spaces for Youth. The motivational song followed by the stirring dance performance by the students left the audience amazed. The parents of the participating students were also present and heartily applauded the efforts of the students. The chief guest of the day was a Guinness World Record Holder and an Economics student in Hansraj College, Mr Kushagra Tayal who with his utmost enthusiasm and gusto motivated the students with his tiresome but fruitful journey to achieve the record. He also encouraged them to work harder towards their passion and dream. Dr. Jaishree Bhargava, Principal DPSGV, appreciated the efforts of the students and stated youth are not only the leaders of tomorrow, but also the partners of today and all of them are capable of bringing a change in society.



Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Vasundhara organized a special assembly on “Lord Ganesh - Management Guru” on 31st July, 2018. The students of class VII B put forward a delightful performance on the theme wherein the students talked about the learning that can be imbibed from Lord Ganesha: Vighnharta- The remover of obstacles. The students recited melodious and invoking shlokas to worship Lord Ganesha. The parents and grandparents of the participating students were also present in the audience and applauded the efforts of the students. The facilitator, Ms Shalini Kumar added by saying that a great leaning can happen beyond curriculum through such kind of activities organized by the school time and again.



Class IX A celebrated World Tiger’s Day by conducting an assembly on 30th July 2018 with 100 percent participation. The class was made to Research on the Tiger population with facts & figures. The class organized a mock T.V. interview with Sir Jim Corbett giving an inspirational insight into his life as to how tirelessly he has worked to ‘Save Tigers’, displaying their oratory skills, taking excerpts from his life & depicted Real-Life incidents. The students masked as tigers wore their dancing shoes to aware and awaken the audience how Tiger is important for their own survival & take full ownership with a Pledge in the end.



Assembly Class VII A

DPSGV students of class VII A, put up a special assembly on “Nelson Mandela International Day” on 24th July, 2018. The students put forward a wonderful and rousing presentation on the life of Nelson Mandela, wherein they recreated the important incidents that made him an important leader of anti-apartheid. The children recreated the idea of peace and emphasized on the fact that each individual has the power to transform the world. The parents of the participating students were also present in the audience and applauded the efforts of the students. The Principal, Dr Jaishree Bhargava talked about the importance of the day and motivated the students to discover the greatness within themselves with the Nelson Mandela’s quote that ‘Everything is impossible until it is done’.


Holiday Homewok Exhibition Class VII B

Delhi Public School Ghaziabad has always believed in integrating the academics with co-scholastic and co-curricular activities. Taking a step further in this endeavor, the students of Class VII B presented their Summer Holiday Homework through an exhibition. The holiday homework was on the topic Conservation of Resources. It was an integrated project which the children took up through their main subjects. The exhibition has helped the students imbibe the core competencies which makes them into global citizens.


Assembly Class VI

Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Vasundhara organized an Inter Section Case Study Competition for grade 6 on the topic “Lifestyle and Pollution”. The participants of all the four sections presented their views on the topic. They focused upon the changes that have come in our lifestyles over the years and how these are responsible for polluting the environment in some or other way. Class 6 D bagged the first position followed by 6 B and 6 A taking the second and third position respectively. The Principal, Dr Jaishree Bhargava talked about the major reasons of pollution and how to deal with them in our daily schedule. She also emphasized on the fact that we should have a ‘pollution free mind' in order to make a difference.



The students of class 10 D conducted an assembly on ‘World Population Day’ on 20th July 2018. 
The students displayed their oratory skills by presenting a Case Study on the facts and figures of the current population, graphically explaining the time bomb that is ticking. ‘HAAR’ – A self-scripted Street-Play became the highlight of the assembly bringing home the message loud & clear why the students need to be aware of it. 
The assembly culminated with Principal Ma’am giving certificates to the ones who won laurels in the In-House activities and addressed the august gathering by motivating the students for community outreach programs.